Barsha Barsha


  • Teaches: Spanish
  • Speaks: English & Hindi
  • Experience: 2 Years as a Corporate Trainer (Spanish)
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8 /hour
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<span><p><b>PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:</b></p><ul><li>3+ years as a corporate trainer (Spanish)</li></ul><p><b>EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:</b></p><ul><li>B.Sc. from St. Francis College, Hyderabad</li><li>Adv. Diploma in Spanish from CIEFL / EFLU, Hyderabad</li><li>Adv. Diploma in Portuguese</li></ul><p><b>CERTIFICATION:</b></p><ul><li>ADOP - Spanish&nbsp;</li><li>ADOP - Portuguese</li></ul><p><b>COURSES TAUGHT:</b></p><ul><li>Advanced spoken Spanish; business etiquette; behavioural training; etiquette &amp; manners; interview skills, voice &amp; accent; business writing skills etc.</li></ul><ul><li>Spoken English for Beginners, Advanced Spoken English, Business Communication, Corporate English, Business Etiquette, Voice &amp; Accent, Personality Development, Resume writing, Etiquette and Manners, Interview Skills</li></ul><p><b>ABOUT ME</b>&nbsp;</p><p>Hi, I am Spanish and Portuguese language expert working as a corporate trainer&nbsp;and translator.&nbsp;</p><p>I am graduated from English &amp; Foreign Language University, Hyderabad. I have worked as a corporate trainer and translator with various organizations for 6+ years. I offer you a proven professional experience and diverse educational credentials and the ability to apply that knowledge effectively and efficiently. I am a serious person but a fun teacher. I love writing, am skilled and experienced in working as a teacher, translator and writer in English, Spanish and Portuguese&nbsp;. You can contact me if you are looking for someone who can train you efficiently and effectively.</p><p>&nbsp;<b>I BELIEVE</b></p><p>&nbsp;"A different language is a different vision of life." - Federico Fellini</p><p><b>&nbsp;MY TEACHING METHODOLOGY</b></p><p>&nbsp;Student-Centered Approach to Learning : I believe teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process.Teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material. Student learning is measured through both formal and informal forms of assessment, including group projects, student portfolios, and class participation. Teaching and assessment are connected; student learning is continuously measured during teacher instruction.</p><p>&nbsp;<b>I LOVE TEACHING BECAUSE</b></p><p><b>&nbsp;</b>I teach because, for me, it's the most enjoyable way to share the knowledge. I always believe that my students could transform themselves and could connect to different cultures.</p></span>

    Vinay Mehra
  • Always wanted to learn a new language and Barsha helped me get to a good level in Spanish. Now I can actually speak in Spanish!

  • Manya Rao
  • Moving to Madrid for MBA and and just cleared my B2 level thanks to Barsha

  • Shyam Gupta
  • I can another language to my list now. Thanks!

  • Dashak
  • This class has helped me for my job. Great teaching