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<h1><b>PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE</b><br></h1><div>3 Years as a Freelance tutor for French<br>1 Year as a Foreign Language Trainer for Oriental College of Management, Bhopal</div><div><br></div><h1><b>QUALIFICATION</b><br></h1><div>B.E in Civil Engineering</div><div><br></div><h1><b>CERTIFICATION</b><br></h1><div>French A1, A2, B1 from DELF, Alliance Francaise de Bhopal<br>German A1, A2, B1 from Trans Lingua, Swami Vivekananda Library, Bhopal<br>French Conversation Expert, Alliance Francaise de Bhopal</div><div><br></div><h1><b>COURSES TAUGHT</b><br></h1><div>Level A1, A2, B1 in French Language<br>Level A1, A2, B1 in German Language<br>Spoken French Practice and Improvement<br>Spoken German Practice and Improvement<br>Exam Prep for Foreign Languages (French and German)<br>Vocabulary Enrichment Sessions for German and French<br>Listening Skills Practice for German and French</div><div><br></div><h1><b>ABOUT ME</b><br></h1><div>I am pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)&nbsp;in the discipline Civil,&nbsp;from Oriental Institute of Science and Technology,&nbsp;Bhopal.&nbsp;I had completed my B1 in German Language from Swami Vivekananda Library, Bhopal in 2014. I have been studying French for over 6 years now and I have recently completed my B1 Level in French language from Alliance Francaise de Bhopal in September 2015. Currently, I'm attending Conversational Classes for French Language. Talking about my teaching experience, I have taught French for over 3 years now to numerous school children and college students. I have also served as the Guest faculty at Oriental College of Management, Bhopal for French course All my students have scored top marks in their academics. ( 10 in CBSE Class X boards, A grade in University Exams etc)</div><div><br></div><h1><b>I LIKE TEACHING BECAUSE</b><br></h1><div>Teaching is my sheer passion. I had already realised this back in my school time. I used to teach French to my friends during free periods in school because they needed help and I was always good at it. Later, I began to take a&nbsp;keen interest in foreign languages and started learning&nbsp;more and more languages. As my learning process continued, the desire in me to teach also grew manifolds. Soon, I realised that it is but my passion to teach. Also, rewarding marks from my students have perpetually motivated and inspired me to take a deeper plunge into this profession. I want to entertain larger masses now, not just a handful of students in a city. Hence, I have chosen this platform to help all the students, who like me, have a flair for languages or need a helping hand in learning languages for whatever reason.<br><br></div><div><b>MY TEACHING METHODOLOGY</b><br><div>I make use of the modern and the traditional methods of teaching. I don't believe&nbsp;in translating a language because every language is different and cannot be&nbsp;translated word to word. Hence, I teach a new language as a new experience and&nbsp;don't relate it to other languages. I am a firm believer of visual aids and largely&nbsp;implement this methodology. My teaching experience so far has taught me to&nbsp;never rush&nbsp;things, I have my own pace of teaching. I begin with the basics and&nbsp;follow a step-wise procedure. The learning, in my opinion, must be coherent and&nbsp;smooth. Hence, I believe in a systematic approach. The key to master a language,&nbsp;for me, is practising. So, I will make sure all my students just get enough of these&nbsp;<span>languages! Bon Courage and Viel Glück!<br><br></span></div></div><h1><b>MY INTERESTS</b><br></h1><div>Linguistics, Music, Travelling, Fitness, Cooking, Technology, Reading, Writing and meeting new people.</div>

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