Kushal Kushal


  • Teaches: Spanish
  • Speaks: English , Italian , Bengali , Hindi
  • Experience: 7.5 Years in Spanish Training
  • Availability: Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Sun Check Availability
7 /hour
  • Live 30 min interaction
  • Discuss learning goals
  • Get personalized curriculum
  • Spanish Level A1

  • Duration: 25 hours
  • 175
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  • Spanish Level A2

  • Duration: 25 hours
  • 175
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  • Spanish Level B1

  • Duration: 25 hours
  • 175
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  • Customized Course

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  • 7.5 as a Spanish Language Expert 


  • Masters of Arts in Spanish Language and Hispanic Studies


  • Post graduation in Spanish Language and Hispanic Studies


  • P1:Advance Level Spanish Language and Italian Basic
  • Team Building, Sales Training, Telesales, Voice & Accent, Time Management, Soft Skills, Personality Development, Interview Skills, Group Discussion.


I am a Spanish Language Expert. I was born and brought up in a small industrial town Durgapur, West Bengal. Completed my Bachelors and Masters from Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi in Spanish and Hispanic Studies from a School of Languages and Literature. I possess 7 years of work experience in various fields. I have good Proficiency in Metrics & Reporting, data analysis and presentation. Successfully handled various projects English to Spanish translation project. Manual translation from Spanish to English. I love to teach Spanish to make our future generation use their technical and educational skills in every profession, they would love to go. Learning this language. Learning this language increases the business opportunities across the globe for the young talents. I believe? (Write an authentic quotation) * ''A teacher dedicates his knowledge to shape the minds of the learners'' I BELIEVE

''A teacher dedicates his knowledge to shape the minds of the learners''


Firstly a teacher must make his/her lesson plan and make the students ready for the lessons. To explain the translation techniques, a teacher must use verbal and non-verbal modes of communication.Introduce debate topics to the student by forming teams and not groups. Another method to teach better is to become a counselor to have a deeper understanding of the students.Revising every previous day's lesson the very next day to freshen up the minds.


I have a love for this profession because knowledge is power.Teaching inspires the minds of the young talents,. It also has a social prestige in the society for this profession.This is the profession which has the most job security due to which people mostly opt to go this profession.

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