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  • Speaks: Hindi
  • Experience: 11 years
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  • 1 year as S. Team Manager, Operations at Convergys India Services Private Limited
  • 5 years as Assistant Manager, Operations at Concentrix Daksh Services India Private Limited
  • 3 years as Subject Matter Expert at IBM Global Process Services
  • 2 years as Process Trainer at IBM Global Process Services



  • from Delhi University
  • Higher Diploma in Software Engineering from Aptech Computer Education


With an overall experience of more than 14 years in domains like Training, coaching, mentoring,  Sales, marketing and BPO operations, I feel there is no joy greater than sharing knowledge and  experience to those in need of guidance and direction. I strongly & firmly echo the thoughts of  Swami Vivekanand who said "Education is the manifestation of perfection" which in simple words means that every individual has inherent talent and abilities (Perfection) and education is a means of unearthing and discovering them ( manisfestation) . It is in real sense what enables a man to explore his potential and  utilize it to the fullest to lead a happy life. 


It is the noblest profession and I believe there is no greater joy than sharing knowledge and experience to those in need of guidance and direction. You can make a world of difference to the life of an individual by showing him the right way and the satisfaction achieved and sense of accomplishment obtained in doing so cannot be matched with anything else


I am more focused in exploring the potential of an individual and enabling him or her rather than making an easy sail for them. I believe in hand-holding only to the extent of removing the lethargy and in-activeness in an individual so as to make him/ her aware of his/ her own strength and weaknesses. I believe in creating awareness more than rote learning . 
My teaching involves around practical utility of learning right from the start. You'd find real life experiences and examples in my teaching, things that I have learnt, points that i have found myself stuck at and ways that are tried and tested. I'd hand hold when it goes beyond the pale of normal comprehension, but not without stopping at core critical points to set the thinking cells active amongst my students. I love to give them situations, think on them, act on them and imbibe them till it gets in their DNA.
Having said that, i also believe teaching should always keep in mind the learning skills of an individual and one should customize the methodology used in teaching that best meets the needs of the student, hence its always 'Different strokes for different folks' that i experiment with and employ


Reading: I love reading a lot, and I can read anything that I can lay my hands on, provided it adds value 
Music: Listening to music is a favorite past time. Again the range is vast - from golden oldies to recent foot tapping numbers, Ghazals to listening mushairas, whatever suits the moment
Sports: I like playing Soccer ( Though I don't get time to play much now), Chess ( I enjoy playing it with my son),  like watching Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming, Gymnastics and every watchable sport that I can hold my eyes to.. Though my kids enjoy WWE fights, I feel terrorised by the way they hit out at each other.
I like watching TV as and when I get time and love Discovery and National Geographic

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